If anyone among you thinks he is religious, and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this one's religion is useless (James 1:26)

Sunday School ( Grade 6&7 Girls)

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Freely you have received, freely give.

Monthly Curriculum

Bible Curriculum

Spiritual & Special Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth 2012_9_wk1 Lina Youssef
Bible 201 2012_9_wk4 Lina Youssef
Bible 201 - Noah building the ark 2012_10_wk3 Lina Youssef
God is all Encompassing 2012_11_wk1 Myrna Megalla
Jesusí Power over Death 2012_12_wk2 Lina Youssef
The Virtue of Obedience 2012_12_wk3 Myrna Megalla
Epiphany 2013_1_wk2 Lina Youssef
Ability of God to Solve our Problems 2013_1_wk3 Myrna Megalla
Jacob- Bible 2013_1_wk4 Lina Youssef
Joseph 2013_2_wk2 Lina Youssef
The Born Blind 2013_3_wk3 Myrna Megalla
Spiritual & Special Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
Liturgy 2011_09_wk4 Sally Samuel
Freedom 2011_10_wk1 Lina Youssef
The Tabernacle 2011_10_wk2 Nadia Roufail
Jesus Raises Lazarus 2011_11_wk2 Lina Youssef
Obedience 2011_11_wk3 Sally Samuel
Christmas 2011_12_wk4 Sally Samuel
The Personality of St John the Baptist 2012_1_wk3 Lina Youssef
Talents 2012_3_wk2 Lina Youssef
THE HOLY PASCHA WEEK 2012_3_wk4 Sally Samuel
Mahragan Challenge 2012_5_wk1 Lina Youssef
How do I change 2012_6_wk3 Lina Youssef
Three Sacraments 2012_6_wk4 Sally Samuel
Mahragan el Keraza Review 2012_7_wk3 Lina Youssef
The Holy Virgin St. Mary 2012_8_wk2 Lina Youssef
Mahragan el Keraza Test 2012_8_wk3 Lina Youssef
Judges 2012_8_wk3 Sally Samuel
Stronger Relationship with God 2012_8_wk4 Lina Youssef
Spiritual & Special Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
The Repentance of Jonah and the Ninevites 2011_02_wk2 Lesson Jessica Babawy
Esther 2011_02_wk4 Jessica Babawy
The Man Born Blind 2011_03_wk2 Jessica Babawy
The Bronze Serpent 2011_03_wk3 Sami Botros
The 10 Plagues 2011_04_wk1 Jessica Babawy
Daniel 2011_05_wk3 Jessica Babawy
Christ is Our Life 2011_05_wk4 Andrew Babawy
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Any Eye Witness 2011_06_wk2 Jessica Babawy
Know Your Bible 2011_06_wk3 Andrew Babawy
Christ is Our Life (part 1) 2011_07_wk1 Sami Botros
Saint Mina 2011_07_wk2 Sami Botros
Us and Others 2011_07_wk2 Sami Botros
Know Your Bible 2011_07_wk3 Sami Botros