But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear (1 Peter 3 :15)

Sunday School ( Grade 4&5 Boys)

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Freely you have received, freely give.

Monthly Curriculum

Bible Curriculum

Spiritual & Special Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
Parable of the Sower 2012_9_wk1 Ramez El Khanagry
Bible Study 104 Lesson 1 2012_9_wk3 Ramez El Khanagry
Bible Study - Lesson 2 2012_10_wk3 Andrew Philip
St. Pishoy 2012_11_wk1 Maged Shaker
Respecting God's House (Eli the Priest) 2012_11_wk2 Ramez El Khanagry
Jesus disciples 2012_11_wk4 Maged Shaker
Elijah and the acceptance of his offering 2012_12_wk1 Ramez El Khanagry
The Church in the Apostolic Era 2012_12_wk2 Maged Shaker
Ezra 2012_12_wk4 Makram Guirguis
St. John and the repentant Thief 2013_1_wk2 Ramez El Khanagry
The rich person and Lazarus 2013_1_wk3 Andrew Philip
Bible Study - 104 Lesson 5 2013_2_wk1 Ramez El Khanagry
Jonah 2013_2_wk2 Maged Shaker
Spiritual & Special Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
The parable of the soils 2011_09_wk3 Andrew Philip
Samson and the lion 2011_10_wk1 Andrew Philip
Parents Love 2011_10_wk3 Andrew Philip
Haggai 2011_10_wk4 Paul Tokuda
Honor your parents 2011_10_wk5 Ramez El Khanagry
The promised land 2011_11_wk1 Andrew Philip
Bleeding Woman 2011_11_wk2 Paul Tokuda
The bronze serpent 2011_11_wk3 Andrew Philip
The Exile in Babylon 2011_12_wk1 Ramez El Khanagry
Parable of 10 Virgins 2011_12_wk2 Beshoy Farouk
Jesus Heals Canaanite Woman's Daughter 2011_12_wk3 Paul Tokuda
Jesus raises a widows son 2012_1_wk1 Andrew Philip
St John the Baptist 2012_1_wk3 Paul Tokuda
Lazarus 2012_1_wk5 Andrew Philip
Nineveh fast and its importance 2012_2_wk1 Paul Tokuda
Persecution of St. Paul and God's care 2012_2_wk1 Ramez El Khanagry
David and Mephibosheth 2012_2_wk2 Andrew Philip
Daniel and Fasting 2012_3_wk1 Paul Tokuda
Life of Prayer 2012_3_wk2 Paul Tokuda
Why should I change? (2) 2012_6_wk1 Andrew Philip
Why should I change (3) 2012_6_wk2 Paul Tokuda
Moses 2012_6_wk4 Andrew Philip
Mahragan Al Keraza St Peter 2012_7_wk3 Ramez El Khanagry
Pope Kyrollos V 2012_7_wk4 Andrew Philip
Mahragan 2012 review 2012_8_wk1 Paul Tokuda
Stronger relationship with God 2012_8_wk4 Andrew Philip
Spiritual & Special Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
Pope Peter the Seal of Martyrs 2010_09_wk2 Lesson Paul Tokuda
Tobias 2010_09_wk3 Mira Amin
St Anthony 2010_09_wk4 Lesson
2010_09_wk4 Handout
Paul Tokuda
God Created the World (no PPT) 2010_10_wk1 Lesson Mira Amin
Joshua - the Sun Stood Still 2010_10_wk2 Lesson
2010_10_wk2 Handout
Paul Tokuda
Falling of Jericho 2010_10_wk5 Lesson Mira Amin
Adam's Disobedience 2010_11_wk1 Mira Amin
Obedience 2010_11_wk2 Lesson
2010_11_wk2 Handout
Paul Tokuda
Giving Alms 2010_11_wk3 Mira Amin
Gideon 2010_11_wk4 Lesson
2010_11_wk4 Handout
Paul Tokuda
Pharisee and Tax Collector 2011_02_wk1 Lesson Mira Amin
Jonah 2011_02_wk2 Lesson Paul Tokuda
Zacchaeus 2011_02_wk3 Ihab Samuel
The Paralytic Man 2011_02_wk4 Lesson Andrew Philip
The First Sunday of Lent 2011_03_wk1 Lesson Andrew Philip
Blessing of the Cross 2011_03_wk3 Lesson Paul Tokuda
Anger (no PPT) 2011_03_wk4 Lesson Mira Amin
Jesus Entering Jerusalem 2011_04_wk2 Lesson Paul Tokuda
The Two Disciples to Emmaus 2011_05_wk1 Andrew Philip
Escaping from Temptations and Evil 2011_05_wk3 Lesson Paul Tokuda
Mahragan 2011 Lesson 1 2011_05_wk5 Lesson Mira Amin
Based on www.mahragan.ca
The Bronze Serpent 2011_06_wk3 Lesson Andrew Philip
Saint Didymus the Seer 2011_06_wk4 Lesson Paul Tokuda
The Passover Lamb 2011_07_wk3 Lesson Paul Tokuda
King Jehoshaphat 2011_07_wk4 Lesson Andrew Philip
King Jehoshaphat Questions (no PPT) 2011_08_wk1 Questions Andrew Philip