But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear (1 Peter 3 :15)

Advise to Parents

(Parents : "Prepare Your Children for life!")

Parenthood comes with many challenges which must be faced, and responsibilities which must be fulfilled. To be a great and successful parent, let God lead you to teach your kids important lessons in this transient life. Here are some ways that you could use to teach your children how to get ready to face life:
+ First of all, let them know that God loves them without conditions. You too put your trust and reliance on God and His grace so you can love them without conditions. Reveal your love to them and express it many times so they know your love to them. You should know that God’s love is like the pure air, the flowing blood, and the shining sun for the body. It is the secret for life, success, growth, and progress.
+ Beside love, for your children to grow, control your behaviour and children’s life through love, yet with firmness.
+ Similar to God, help each one of your children discover his/her own and unique talents, and encourage them to cultivate their talents and use them for society’s progress and wellness.
+ Draw your children’s attention to the All-good, the Lord Jesus Christ. Show them that He moulds the example of personality which you want them to acquire.
+ Stress to them the importance of sexual purity and let them see that you apply it faithfully in your life.
+ Follow fairness and integrity in all aspects of your life. Manifest to them what it means to be honourable, faithful, useful, dependable, and truly trust in God.
+ Encourage your children to read regularly and diligently, and keep the Bible to be part of their life.
+ Recognise that regular participation in worship keeps you and your children in the circle of the Holy Spirit and the heavenly world. This raises you and them up to the highest ranks of glory and success, not only in their spiritual but also, consequently and by necessity, in their civil life.
+ Participation in worship and regular practice in the holy sacraments and church services instil in the soul the spirit of fellowship and sharing. This makes the children understand the importance of fellowship with others when they grow.
+ Teach your children wise financial practices. Encourage them to give generously, avoid debts and greed, and learn how to be content.
+ Show your children how to respect older persons and understand why is it important to give the honour to those who have greater life-experience.
+ Teach them how to make sound decisions in their life, through:

  • Collecting information. Help your child gather all information regarding a subject about which he/she wants to make decision. This is done through careful listening more than acting hastily, through asking before answering. Repeat this again and again to the child.

There are two types of information:
 Internal information: feelings, thoughts, intentions, and goals; and external information: parents’  desires or feelings of friends and colleagues. Such information is important for making a sound decision.

  • Think: give enough time for analysing the information in light of the subject to decide upon. Thinks with your child about the matter to decide upon in light of available information. As much as you can allow the child the opportunity to take the initiative, giving him/her helpful support and advise.