And whatever you do , do it heartily as to the Lord and not to men (Colossians 3:23)

Sunday School (2010-2011)

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Freely you have received, freely give.

Spiritual & Special Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
The number 10   Ihab Samuel
Prayer (v04)   Michael Gawargy
All Saints Day   Thao Gawargy
Giving (Charity) and Anba Abraam   Thao Gawargy
The Liturgy (v02)   Michael Gawargy
The Liturgy (for Grades 2 and 3)   Thao Gawargy
The Bosom of the Father (v02)   Michael Gawargy
Awareness slides and  video clip (see 1st minute) 2011_06_wk2 Ihab Samuel
Creation 2011_06_wk3 Lesson Nermin Ibrahim
Grade 2 (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
Nayrouz & St Stephen 2010_09_wk2 Handout Thao Gawargy
St Rebecca 2010_09_wk3 Handout Thao Gawargy
Feast of the Cross 2010_09_wk4 Handout Thao Gawargy
St Thecla 2010_10_wk1 Handout Thao Gawargy
Adam and Eve 2010_10_wk2 Handout Thao Gawargy
Joshua crossing the Jordan 2010_10_wk3 Handout Thao Gawargy
St Philip & Creation 2010_10_wk4 Handout Thao Gawargy
St Roweis & Staying Pure and Holy 2010_10_wk5 Handout Thao Gawargy
Anba Abraam 2010_11_wk1 Handout Thao Gawargy
Censer and Incense (no PPT) 2010_11_wk2 Handout Thao Gawargy
Manoah and Angel 2010_11_wk3 Handout Thao Gawargy
The Lord in the Temple 2010_11_wk4 Handout Thao Gawargy
St Mercurius 2010_12_wk1 Handout Thao Gawargy
St Nicholas 2010_12_wk2 Handout Thao Gawargy
Feast of Epiphany (no PPT) 2011_01_wk1 Handout Thao Gawargy
Flight to Egypt 2011_01_wk5 Handout Thao Gawargy
The Lost Sheep (no PPT) 2011_02_wk1 Handout Sally Samuel
Jesus Calms the Storm 2011_02_wk2 Handout Thao Gawargy
Jesus Heals the Man at Bethesda 2011_02_wk3 Lesson
2011_02_wk3 Handout
Word Search courtesy of
Sally Samuel
Abraham and Lot 2011_02_wk4 Handout Thao Gawargy
Joseph 2011_03_wk1 Lesson Sally Samuel
Moses 2011_03_wk2 Handout Thao Gawargy
The Feast of the Cross 2011_03_wk3 Lesson Nermin Ibrahim
Samuel 2011_03_wk4 Lesson
Bible Puzzle courtesy of
Sally Samuel
David 2011_04_wk1 Handout Thao Gawargy
The Holy Pascha (Passion Week) V2
The Holy Pascha (Passion Week) V1
2011_04_wk2 Lesson Nermin Ibrahim
Appearance to Thomas 2011_05_wk2 Handout Thao Gawargy
David and Goliath 2011_05_wk3 Lesson Nermin Ibrahim
Review of Lessons (JAN-MAY) 2011_05_wk4 Thao Gawargy
Mahragan - Jesus Gave Me a New Life 2011_06_wk1 Thao Gawargy
Based on
Mahragan Review 2011_06_wk3 Thao Gawargy
Mahragan - Jesus Teaches Me to Be Kind 2011_06_wk4 Thao Gawargy
Gideon 2011_07_wk1 Sally Samuel
Mahragan - Jesus teaches me to Thank Him 2011_07_wk3 Thao Gawargy
The Twelve Spies 2011_07_wk4 Sally Samuel
Mahragan Review 2011_08_wk1 Thao Gawargy
Elisha and the Jars of Oil 2011_08_wk3 Handout Thao Gawargy
Our Behaviour in Church (no PPT) 2011_08_wk4 Handout Thao Gawargy
Grade 3 (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
Nehemiah Chapter 8 2010_06_wk3 Lesson Paul Tokuda
St Stephen and his Vision 2010_09_wk2 Ramez El Khanagry
Rebecca and her 5 Children 2010_09_wk3 Lesson Fabiola Tokuda
St Tekla the First Female Martyr 2010_10_wk1 Lesson Fabiola Tokuda
Anba Abraam 2010_11_wk1 Lesson Fabiola Tokuda
Censer and Incense 2010_11_wk2 Lesson Ramez El Khanagry
Manoah and the Angel 2010_11_wk3 Lesson
2010_11_wk3 Handout
Fabiola Tokuda
Jesus in the Temple 2010_11_wk4 Lesson Fabiola Tokuda
The Lost Sheep 2011_02_wk1 Lesson Dina Megalla
Jesus Heals the Man at Bethesda 2011_02_wk3 Lesson Fabiola Tokuda
Making and Living in Peace - Abraham and Lot 2011_02_wk4 Lesson Ramez El Khanagry
Joseph Faith Leads to Success 2011_03_wk1 Lesson Dina Megalla
Discovering of the Cross 2011_03_wk3 Lesson Ramez El Khanagry
Samuel 2011_03_wk4 Lesson Fabiola Tokuda
David 2011_04_wk1 Lesson Dina Megalla
David and Goliath 2011_05_wk3 Lesson Ramez El Khanagry
The Bronze Serpent 2011_06_wk2 Nermin Ibrahim
Mahragan - Christ is Our Life 2011_06_wk3 Lesson Nermin Ibrahim
Based on
Abigail and David (no PPT) 2011_06_wk4 Lesson Dina Megalla
Jesus Taught me to be Kind 2011_07_wk3 Lesson Nermin Ibrahim
Hope 2011_07_wk4 Lesson Nermin Ibrahim
Praise 2011_08_wk1 Lesson Ramez El Khanagry
Mahragan Revision Questions 2011_08_wk2 Nermin Ibrahim
Jeopardy Mahragan Review 2011_08_wk2 Fabiola Tokuda
The Ten Lepers 2011_09_wk1
Activities courtesy of and
Fabiola Tokuda
Based on Henry Martin slides at
Grade 4 (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
Pope Peter the Seal of Martyrs 2010_09_wk2 Lesson Paul Tokuda
Tobias 2010_09_wk3 Mira Amin
St Anthony 2010_09_wk4 Lesson
2010_09_wk4 Handout
Paul Tokuda
God Created the World (no PPT) 2010_10_wk1 Lesson Mira Amin
Joshua - the Sun Stood Still 2010_10_wk2 Lesson
2010_10_wk2 Handout
Paul Tokuda
Falling of Jericho 2010_10_wk5 Lesson Mira Amin
Adam's Disobedience 2010_11_wk1 Mira Amin
Obedience 2010_11_wk2 Lesson
2010_11_wk2 Handout
Paul Tokuda
Giving Alms 2010_11_wk3 Mira Amin
Gideon 2010_11_wk4 Lesson
2010_11_wk4 Handout
Paul Tokuda
Pharisee and Tax Collector 2011_02_wk1 Lesson Mira Amin
Jonah 2011_02_wk2 Lesson Paul Tokuda
Zacchaeus 2011_02_wk3 Ihab Samuel
The Paralytic Man 2011_02_wk4 Lesson Andrew Philip
The First Sunday of Lent 2011_03_wk1 Lesson Andrew Philip
Blessing of the Cross 2011_03_wk3 Lesson Paul Tokuda
Anger (no PPT) 2011_03_wk4 Lesson Mira Amin
Jesus Entering Jerusalem 2011_04_wk2 Lesson Paul Tokuda
The Two Disciples to Emmaus 2011_05_wk1 Andrew Philip
Escaping from Temptations and Evil 2011_05_wk3 Lesson Paul Tokuda
Mahragan 2011 Lesson 1 2011_05_wk5 Lesson Mira Amin
Based on
The Bronze Serpent 2011_06_wk3 Lesson Andrew Philip
Saint Didymus the Seer 2011_06_wk4 Lesson Paul Tokuda
The Passover Lamb 2011_07_wk3 Lesson Paul Tokuda
King Jehoshaphat 2011_07_wk4 Lesson Andrew Philip
King Jehoshaphat Questions (no PPT) 2011_08_wk1 Questions Andrew Philip
Grade 5 (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
St Thecla and the Word of God (no PPT) 2010_10_wk1 Handout Michael Gawargy
Joshua and Faith (no PPT) 2010_10_wk2 Handout Michael Gawargy
Obedience and Blessings (no PPT) 2010_11_wk1 Handout Michael Gawargy
Parable of the Ten Virgins (no PPT) 2010_12_wk2 Handout Michael Gawargy
Feasts of the Lord 2011_01_wk5 Michael Gawargy
Tax Collector and Pharisee 2011_02_wk1 Lesson
2011_02_wk1 Handout
Lina Youssef
Zacchaeus sees the Lord 2011_02_wk3 Michael Gawargy
A Respectful Conversation 2011_03_wk1 Lesson
2011_03_wk1 Handout
Lina Youssef
Sins of the Tongue 2011_03_wk2 Michael Gawargy
Anger 2011_03_wk4 Lesson
2011_03_wk4 Handout
Lina Youssef
Good Relationships with Others 2011_04_wk1 Michael Gawargy
Holy Week 2011_04_wk2 Ihab Samuel
The Road to Emmaus 2011_05_wk1 Michael Gawargy
Healing the Bleeding Woman 2011_05_wk2 Michael Gawargy
Christ Our Redeemer Redeemer Script
2011_05_wk5 Lesson
2011_05_wk5 Handout
Lina Youssef
Based on
Passover Lamb (Christ our Saviour) 2011_06_wk3 Lesson
2011_06_wk3 Handout
Lina Youssef
Our Lord Jesus Christ is Always with Me 2011_07_wk1 Lesson
2011_07_wk1 Handout
Lina Youssef
The Gift of Being One Body 2011_07_wk2 Maged Shaker
Well Rounded Personality 2011_07_wk3 Lesson
2011_07_wk3 Memorization Handout
Lina Youssef
Saint Paul 2011_07_wk4 Maged Shaker
Repentance and Confession 2011_08_wk1 Lesson
2011_08_wk1 Handout
Lina Youssef
Saints Cosman and Damian 2011_09_wk1 Handout Lina Youssef
Grade 6 (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
The Prodigal Son 2011_02_wk1 Lesson Mina Rezk
Jonah the Prophet 2011_02_wk2 Marc Ibrahim
Esther Bible Study (no PPT) 2011_02_wk3 Handout Rami Zachari
The Prodigal Son (no PPT) 2011_03_wk1 Lesson
2011_03_wk1 Handout
Mina Rezk
Saint Mary the Egyptian (no PPT) 2011_03_wk4 Handout Rami Zachari
Well Rounded Personality (no PPT) 2011_06_wk4 Handout Rami Zachari
Grade 7 (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
The Repentance of Jonah and the Ninevites 2011_02_wk2 Lesson Jessica Babawy
Esther 2011_02_wk4 Jessica Babawy
The Man Born Blind 2011_03_wk2 Jessica Babawy
The Bronze Serpent 2011_03_wk3 Sami Botros
The 10 Plagues 2011_04_wk1 Jessica Babawy
Daniel 2011_05_wk3 Jessica Babawy
Christ is Our Life 2011_05_wk4 Andrew Babawy
Based on
Any Eye Witness 2011_06_wk2 Jessica Babawy
Know Your Bible 2011_06_wk3 Andrew Babawy
Christ is Our Life (part 1) 2011_07_wk1 Sami Botros
Saint Mina 2011_07_wk2 Sami Botros
Us and Others 2011_07_wk2 Sami Botros
Know Your Bible 2011_07_wk3 Sami Botros
Grade 9 (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
Christ is Our Life (part 1) 2011_05_wk4 Michael Gawargy
Based on
Matthew 5 Memorization Aid 2011_06_wk2 Michael Gawargy
Servants Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
Knowing and Accepting Myself 2010_11_wk4 Dr. Magdy Keriakos
2011 Spiritual Warfare (H.G. Bishop Youssef) 2011 Dina Megalla
Bible Study (Abraham to Moses) 2011_01_wk5 Ramez El Khanagry
Bible Study (Joshua to Judges) 2011_02_wk1 Marc Ibrahim
Teaching Methods 2011_02_wk3 Mr. Ihab Samuel
Holy Week 2011_04_wk2 Mr. Ihab Samuel
Sunday School New Look proposal and
Samiritan Woman (sample lesson plan)
2011_06_wk2 Mr. George Ishack
St Mark Festival 2011 2011_07_wk1 topic Mr. George Ishack
Other Resources Document (Word) Author
Activity Day Quiz (Grades 5-7) 2011_04_30 Lina Youssef
Translation of book by HH Pope Shenouda III Honour your Father and Mother Mr. George Ishack
Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit Document Mr. George Ishack
Songs in English Children's Hymns
First Songs
In the Feast we Run
Shepherds Awake
Mr. George Ishack
Walking with God (Fall 2010 Mini-Mahragan) G2-3 Questions
G4-5 Questions
G6-7 Questions
Dr. Magdy Keriakos et al
Growing in Christ (Winter 2011 Mini-Mahragan) G2 Questions
G3 Questions
G4-5 Questions
G6-7 Questions
Dr. Magdy Keriakos et al
Christ is Our Life (Summer 2011 Mahragan) G1 Questions
G2 Questions
G3 Questions
G4 Questions
G5 Questions
G5-G6 Questions
Mr. George Ishack et al
Coptic Alphabet and Lord's Prayer
Coptic Words for Grades 7 to 10
The Lord's Prayer in Coptic
Part of Mahragan Dr. Boulos Roufail et al